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Hey guys!!!! It’s Sophia and Mallie back at it again writing the July Tween Scene column in Enid Monthly. This month we are going to write about SUMMERRR and our favorite things to do in summer. LET’S GET TO IT.

Our summer has been really fun so far. Especially since we have a water park in Enid now. Sophia has been doing lots of tennis and Mallie has been eating lots and lots of snow cones. It has definitely been a lot more fun this year than last year due to COVID. Sophia is a little excited to start school up again but Mallie IS NOT LOL!!

My favorite part of summer so far has been playing tennis almost every day, going on vacation to Cancun, and swimming a lot. I am also really excited about my birthday on July 18, Church camp, and going to the lake a lot. -Sophia

My favorite part of summer so far has been going to the water park almost everyday, hanging out with most of my friends, eating sno-cones, and going to my aunt’s house. -Mallie

Some things we do together during the summer are going to the lake, tennis tourneys, water park and going to the city. We also enjoy riding our bikes to Meadowlake snow-cone stand. Sophia ALWAYS gets cherry and Mallie likes to get ice or strawberry.

We hope y’all enjoyed our article this month! If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or ideas for our upcoming articles please Email us at tweensceneenid@gmail.com. We would also love to hear what y’all do during summer and what your favorite flavor of snow-cone you get is, so email us for that too! We hope you guys have a great, sunny and hot July!! See you next month!

Sophia & Mallie
Sophia & Mallie
Sophia and Mallie have been best friends since Kindergarten. They are both in 7th grade in Enid, Sophia at Emerson M.S. and Mallie at Waller M.S. They both love soccer, hot pockets and tik-tok. Sophia and Mallie would love to hear from their readers! Email them at tweensceneenid@gmail.com.



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