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Tween Resolutions

HI! It’s Sophia writing the January Column for Tween Scene in Enid Monthly. This month we have some new guests!! Please welcome Giselle and Valeria. Giselle and I have been friends since 6th grade and Valeria and I have known each other since 4th grade when we played club soccer for Enid Elite, but grew closer through middle school. This month we are going to be telling you our goals for the New Year. We are so excited to be going into 2022 because 2021 was not the best year for a lot of people. Let’s get to it!!

I have a lot of goals for the new year. My main goal is to get REALLY good grades and nothing below a 95 because I like setting high goals for myself to accomplish to increase my confidence in class. I also really want to work on my attitude since it gets me in trouble sometimes which is definitely not good and having a good attitude helps in life even when you don’t expect it. Getting better at soccer is also a big goal I have because I want to play forward/striker most of the game and score a lot of goals during games. Lastly I really, REALLY want to learn to make amazing decor on cakes and cupcakes because I love baking but most of all I HEART decorating anything and everything. – Sophia 

My goal for the new year is to try to get better grades because it benefits me in the future for jobs and things like that. I also want to be in ALL honors classes through my first year in high school. I really want to try and be less negative because I want to be nicer since it makes me happier. Also, trying to get better at soccer and hopefully start in games because I don’t want to be a bench warmer or to have people think I’m a bad player. When I don’t play I get really disappointed so I want to make sure that doesn’t happen this year. Lastly, I want to work on being less greedy because I always want what I don’t have and never appreciate what I do have. -Giselle 

My goal for the new year is to get straight A’s in school because for the future I dream to go to an Ivy League college. I also want to become a more positive person and a better role model for my little sister, Natalia, because It’s really important for younger kids to have a good person to look up to. I want to also become a better teammate and player for my school soccer team because soccer has been an inspiration to me my whole life so I always try to get better and better each year. Lastly, I want to try and be an even better friend than I already am because friends are very important to me and I want to keep them as long as I can. -Valeria 

Thank you for reading our goals for the New Year. I hope you enjoyed this topic. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or ideas for the upcoming article please email us at tweensceneenid@gmail.com Have a happy new year and an amazing January. Bye for now!!!

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Sophia & Mallie
Sophia and Mallie have been best friends since Kindergarten. They are both in 7th grade in Enid, Sophia at Emerson M.S. and Mallie at Waller M.S. They both love soccer, hot pockets and tik-tok. Sophia and Mallie would love to hear from their readers! Email them at tweensceneenid@gmail.com.



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