New School, Who Dis?

Hey y’all and welcome back to TEEN SCENE this month my BSF Bree and I are going to tell you some things we are anxious, excited, or nervous about going into Freshman year at Enid High. Let’s go!!

This month will be the start of my journey attending Enid High school. I am incredibly excited and I have many other feelings rushing inside. I remember my older brother getting ready for his freshman year and I can’t stop thinking about it finally being my turn!! The main thing I am excited for is meeting new people and Cross Country. I also get to sleep in 30 minutes later because school starts later than middle schools did so I’m looking forward to that as well. I’m really nervous about my classes because I’ve heard that they are very difficult. Trying hard in cross country practices to hopefully make the Varsity team makes me nervous as well. I’m anxious to see all my classes and meet my teacher. Enid High is SOOOOO much bigger than my middle school so it’ll be a HUGE change in scenery along with a major increase of students.

As for Bree, she is coming from a different, and bigger middle school than I am since she went to Waller and I went to Emerson. She is excited about high school sports, like volleyball and soccer and wants to try and make varsity too!  She’s really fast and a really good athlete so I think she has a good shot! She also says she is excited about dress-up days during spirit week, making new friends and finally being able to tell people she’s a high schooler! She’s nervous about not having any of her current friends in any of her classes, that her classes will be too far apart and she will be late to class! She’s also nervous about having too much work or missing assignments, but I believe in her! 

A new school can definitely be scary, but we gotta do it to be successful in life. This will be my 5th school, and I’ve ended up loving every one.

Thank you to all of our readers who read this month’s teen scene article, we hope you enjoyed!! What are/were you anxious or excited about before your first day of High School? Let us know at Also if you have any comments, questions, and ideas for upcoming articles email us there as well!! See you next month!!

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Sophia & Mallie
Sophia and Mallie have been best friends since Kindergarten. They are both in 7th grade in Enid, Sophia at Emerson M.S. and Mallie at Waller M.S. They both love soccer, hot pockets and tik-tok. Sophia and Mallie would love to hear from their readers! Email them at



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