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Monday, October 18, 2021

Abby Grey

Abby Grey
Having started a fascination with photography, writing, & art during my youth, these interests quickly developed into a life-long passion after spending multiple years working with Pamela Gilbreath on the Waller Junior High yearbook staff. The expertise acquired during those formative years from a skilled artist helped curate my lust for a creative future--eventually blossoming into a prospective career during my college years. After completing specialized training and study in Portrait/Editorial Photography and Creative Writing with my degree in the Arts, I launched my professional career as a correspondent in August 2016 for numerous local publications, as well as attaining the role of Project Coordinator, Lead Photographer, & Writer for Ekids Magazine.

Two Towers Gone, Two Decades Later & Two Heroic Generations Serving our Community

“It Can All Change in One Day” One day in America, we all woke up and began our day like the one before—losing our car...

A is for August

“YOU’RE READING THIS BECAUSE OF A TEACHER” August has finally made its way to our flamingo-decorated summer doorsteps. In Oklahoma, the sun’s summer rays are...

Livin’ Those Dog Days of Summer

“A Sirius Illumination” In almost every part of the world, significant yearly shifts occur among the balances in nature and society. Happening around the span...

Juneteenth—In the Land of the Free

Story by Abby Grey and Norman Grey Stepping Stones Toward Freedom While there is a fast-growing awareness and knowledge about the holiday that has come to...

April Showers Bring May Flowers; How Enid Has Used Seasons of Gloom, to Conjure Massive Bloom

Story and Pictures by Abby Grey The Colloquialism: A Well-known Old Adage, for Unprecedented Modern Times A sudden gust of wind sweeps in from the north—seemingly...

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