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Fixer Upper Homes

Can You Afford the Renovations? When considering the purchase of a fixer-upper home, it’s important to evaluate how much time and money you will have...

Location, Location, Location.

Do you know the three rules of real estate? Growing up in a real estate family, I heard my share of tips and tricks of...

Autry, NOC and NWOSU Play Key Roles in Economic Development

The number one driver in a company’s decision to locate in a community is whether there is a reliable pipeline of skilled employees to...

The Top 5 Real Estate Trends: What You Should Look for When Buying a Home

What are millennials looking for in their first home? What do repeat buyers want? What trends have changed?  According to statistics recently published by...

Downtown Enid is a Place for Food, Entertainment, and Economic Growth

Take a trip to Downtown Enid and you will be impressed with what is happening. Over the years, Downtown Enid has worked to make...

5 Ways to Boost Your Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is all about highlighting the character of your home and creating an inviting property. Whether you're doing a quick refresh or getting...

How to Deal With Online Trolls

Online trolls are the bane.of.my.existence. With empathy at the top of my Strengths Finder results, it was a rough adjustment when I started managing...

Enid Target Industry

You may recall that keys to bringing new industry to a community are workforce, education & training, location, and quality of life. Enid has...

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