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The Tween’s Talk: Valentine’s Day

It’s the Tweens Sophia and Mallie writing the February Column for ENID MONTHLY. We loved doing the Q&A in November and thought we should...

The Tweens Talk New Year’s Resolutions

Hello to our readers out there in the world! It's Sophia and Mallie writing the January column in Enid Monthly. We are very excited...

The Tweens Talk…Christmas

Welcome back to our new edition of Tween Scene for December. I hope you guys enjoyed our Thanksgiving column in Enid Buzz Monthly! This...

The Tweens Talk: Turkey

It's Mallie and Sophia back at it again writing Tween Scene! We hope you guys enjoyed our first article last month in Enid Buzz...

Meet the Tweens!

Our names are Sophia and Mallie and we are really excited to write our monthly column TWEEN SCENE! Here’s a little bit about us: We...

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