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Mother’s Day Cooking

Hungry for some of Mama’s cooking? Mother’s Day evokes such a flood of memories: Special times with our mothers, their unforgettable sayings and remarks,...

French Toast

Hungry for spring? Like most of us after the crazy cold winter we’ve had, I can’t wait to get into the garden and enjoy...

Irish Soda Bread

Looking forward to spring and all things green? If you are even just a wee bit Irish or just hungry for some warm fresh-baked...

Homemade Stew

Cold weather provides plenty of inspiration for cooking up some super satisfying meals to warm you up from head to toe. A big batch...

“Log On” Christmas Cookies

Hungry? It's amazing how things can inspire one to bake. My most recent inspiration came from our surprise ice storm with its downed power...


I love to cook for Thanksgiving!  I often tell people that cooking for Thanksgiving is as much about timing and organization as it is...

Ghosty Toasties

Hungry for a spooky treat to occupy those little monsters creeping through your home? Maybe you are just hungry for a fast and easy...

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