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Local Legends

H. Holden…Local Legend

HAROLD T. HOLDEN, or "H" as he is called by most folks, was born in Enid, Oklahoma March 28, 1940 to Patrick Miles and...

St. Patrick’s Day at Callahan’s Pub

Callahan's Pub was started on March 17, 2003, as a British Public House. It was designed and opened as a space to bring adults...

Patricia “Patty” Stevenson…Local Legend

Patricia Stevenson was born and raised in Enid Oklahoma. She is number 4 in a loving line of 12 children. She attended Carver Elementary...

Bert Mackie…Local Legend

Bert has been a mainstay in the Enid Community for many years.  His strong leadership skills and gentle influence has made him the  “go-to...

Cheri Ezzell…Local Legend

When Cheri Ezzell moved to Enid in 1984 she expected it would be a short stay — a few years at most. Now, almost...

Grand National Quail Club…Local Legend

Bobwhite quail and Oklahoma's early history go almost hand in hand. The little brownand gray speedster is mentioned frequently in chronicles of the pre-statehood...

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