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Young Adult Fiction Review: The Inheritance Games

Title: The Inheritance Games
Author Jennifer Lynn Barnes
Reviewed by: Michaelene M

What’s a girl to do when she learns she’s inherited a stranger’s billionaire estate? That’s for high school student Avery Grambs to figure out as her life—and that of her sister’s—is turned upside down. Especially since not everyone is happy to welcome Avery into the family, and no one quite knows why Tobias Hawthorne left Avery Grambs his fortune. She has to navigate a new school, get acquainted with Hawthorne’s four very different, and somewhat eccentric grandsons, and live full-time with a family that may just want her dead.

Avery will have to evade paparazzi and get used to 24/7 security, all the while trying to answer the question—who exactly is the billionaire Tobias Hawthorne, and why did he leave HER an inheritance?

This reads like a game of Clue, and anyone who loves a good mystery with, a hefty dose of drama, and a splash of romance will definitely enjoy Jennifer Lynn Barnes’ The Inheritance Games. There are puzzles to solve, secrets to uncover, and connections to make—and break. This is the first book in the series, so all the questions are not answered by the end of the book. Recommended for diehard fans of Erin Watt’s The Royals series and readers of Jennifer Armentrout. The Inheritance Games is available as a physical book in the library.  Place a hold using our catalog at http://bit.ly/2P2LlH2 or call us at 580-234-6313.

Michaelene M.
Michaelene M.https://enid.okpls.org/
Michaelene M. is the Communications Specialist at the Enid Public Library as well as a dedicated reader, writer, and librarian. She enjoys talking books (particularly romance novels), but she reads widely and believes that everyone should see themselves in the books that they read.



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