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Chance Davis – Wrestling

Chance Davis, a Junior at Enid High School, a 2019-20 Oklahoma State Champion wrestler, and a University of Arkansas – Little Rock commit, finds his motivation stems from the fact that he believes there is always room for improvement. “No matter what you have accomplished you can always get better, there is always someone trying to beat you. I will constantly push myself to get better” he says.

On his commitment to the University of Arkansas – Little Rock, Chance says, “I stepped into Little Rock and instantly found my home, I felt a connection with the coaching staff and really felt it was the right place for me.” Over the years, Chance has moved around a lot. That movement has had positive and negative effects on Chance. Specifically, with wrestling, being under multiple coaches, Chance has had the opportunity to learn a variety of styles of wrestling which has molded into the style he has today. “I didn’t have consistent coaching until I moved to Enid and met Coach Holland and Coach Clayton. They have pushed me past my breaking point and have spent countless hours in the wrestling room with me, and the team, practicing.” said Chance  

Wrestling, though sometimes thought to be an individual sport when on the mat, Chance is always grateful for his team, “they are the ones that prepared me for that match and without them, I wouldn’t be ready to take on anyone. I need my team and my team needs me” he said.   

Being an athlete is hard. It requires many traits that student-athletes will use for a lifetime. For Chance, he has learned many of those traits. “Being an athlete has shown me how to humble myself in winning and losing. I wanted to be mad or sad over a loss, and many times I’ve wanted to freak out. Being an athlete showed me to push past that and get back in the room and work on the mistakes you made and no matter what you can always get better.”

Chance offers this advice to young up and coming athletes: “Accept your fears. Fear is a part of all humans and at some point, everyone experiences fear and anxiousness before a match. This is normal and it can drive you to work even harder to accomplish your goals. Preparing for your sport, working hard every time you practice and compete helps you stay calm when competing.”

For Chance, we know that he has big things to accomplish in his next two seasons at Enid and into his collegiate career. Chance would like to invite you all to come see the Enid Wrestling team and support Enid Athletics. He also added, “Go Big Blue!”

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