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Enid Target Industry

You may recall that keys to bringing new industry to a community are workforce, education & training, location, and quality of life. Enid has positioned itself well to meet the needs of industry in these areas but, the question might be what type of industries should Enid target? Thankfully, we have the answer to this question based on a targeted industry and workforce analysis that was completed in 2020 by the Site Selection Group. The study revealed that Enid is positioned best to recruit Aviation & Aerospace, Value-Added Agriculture, and Heavy Manufacturing and Assembly.

Aviation & Aerospace – The Woodring Regional Airport and Cimarron Industrial Airpark provide a great location for aviation and aerospace companies. The Cimarron Industrial Airpark offers 67 acres designated just for aviation-related businesses. Enid’s aviation focus is towards Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) companies. Two of the many reasons MRO companies can be successful in Enid because of the customized training available through Autry Technology Center and the many assets at Woodring Regional Airport, including the 8,000 ft. runway.

Value-Added Agriculture – Agriculture is the lifeblood of Northwest Oklahoma. For decades, Enid has been a central location for value-added agriculture. Companies like Tyson Food, No Man’s Land Beef Jerky, Hanor, ADM, and Koch Fertilizer are leaders in the value-added agriculture industry. It can be beneficial for companies in this sector to locate in Enid because of our experience in the industry, geographic location, and investment our water supply through the Kaw Lake Pipeline. The COVID-19 pandemic has generated activity for relocation and expansion of food manufacturing companies, with Oklahoma being a top contender for these businesses.

Heavy Manufacturing and Assembly – Enid’s third target industry is heavy manufacturing and assembly. Companies in this industry benefit from our skilled workforce, our geographical location, and the availability of rail service and industrial water. Enid is fortunate to have a number of greenfield locations for construction of manufacturing facilities as well as existing buildings to market to this industry sector. Enid is one of only 27 cities in the country that can offer a BNSF certified site, which reduces the development time for any company that locates on that site.

The staff at the Enid Regional Development Alliance is sharing the message about the benefits of locating in Enid to companies both near and far. Our goal is to find the perfect fit for both the company and the community. The outlook for Enid is promising as we work towards recruiting new industries that bring quality jobs to our community.

Lisa Powell
Lisa Powellhttp://www.growenid.com
The Enid Economic Development Corner provides insight into economic development and the impact it has on our community. Our hope is to engage readers learn more about the work that goes into making Enid the best place to live, work, and grow.



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