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Downtown Enid is a Place for Food, Entertainment, and Economic Growth

Take a trip to Downtown Enid and you will be impressed with what is happening. Over the years, Downtown Enid has worked to make the area a focal point where the community can shop, dine, and be entertained. In any community, it is vital to have a thriving downtown to support overall economic growth. Downtown business owners, the City of Enid, and Main Street Enid have invested numerous resources to make our downtown one of the best in the state.

In 1994, Main Street Enid was formed to revitalize downtown and increase economic growth. Over the past 27 years, numerous investments have occurred that provided the needed facelift and job creation. Over $1.3 million has been spent on 69 façade renovations and $37 million has been spent on other rehabilitation projects and new construction. In 2020 alone, nine façade renovations were complete and four other building rehabilitation projects and new construction totaling $547,500 in investment. Since 1994, there has been a total of 229 businesses opening, relocating, or expanding downtown with 16 occurring during 2020.

To complement the investments in renovation and new businesses, Main Street Enid and business owners have provided numerous events for the community to enjoy. Enid Lights Up the Plains, Octoberfest, First Fridays, and the Junior College World Series are just a few of the annual events that take place along with others throughout the year.

Enid’s heart is our downtown. When our downtown is thriving, the benefits are reaped across the community. Downtown Enid is an economic development driver and has made an impact over the past 27 years. We encourage you to make a trip downtown soon and often to support all the wonderful things taking place.

Lisa Powell
Lisa Powellhttp://www.growenid.com
The Enid Economic Development Corner provides insight into economic development and the impact it has on our community. Our hope is to engage readers learn more about the work that goes into making Enid the best place to live, work, and grow.



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