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Loft Living

Once strictly industrial spaces that have been converted to housing in major urban areas, lofts are changing. They’re showing up in smaller cities, in new construction—and some of them even come with walls.

Who wants to live in one, big room? You might be surprised. The market for loft apartments remains steady and strong, even during real estate downturns. And while they’ve traditionally been located in major cities such as New York, Chicago; Washington DC, and Atlanta, they’re quickly showing up in markets outside the nation’s urban core

Loft apartments made their debut in the 1800s in Paris, where they were occupied by artists who saw the potential of old warehouses and other commercial buildings as places where they could live and work cheaply. The large, open spaces and high ceilings made it easy to set up a studio; the large windows let in an abundance of light, and there were no neighbors to bother as the artists worked through the night. The U.S. “loft movement” identified as such by its proponents, grew out of SoHo in New York. Today, they’re an integral part of a renewed interest in urban living that’s been underway for several years. It’s an innovative way to reuse old buildings. 

While a true loft is a warehouse or other commercial building that has been converted to residential space, today’s loft options include new construction, featuring the elements that define loft spaces, such as high ceilings, exposed pipes, and ductwork, and wood or concrete floors. They also may be what is known as “soft lofts,” which have walls to define separate rooms in the unit. One big reason for the popularity of this growing trend is that there’s a whole lot of activity in lofts and young people like them. There is also the draw of being close to local activities and entertainment. Many lofts are located in the heart of revitalized downtowns or emerging art districts.

Pros of Loft Living

Wide Open Spaces You have infinite choices in how to arrange the space—and you can rearrange to your heart’s content.

Unique Look Lofts tend to be very unique, based on the building’s former use. You’ll have a look that no one else has.

Great Light Large windows are a hallmark of loft spaces.

Room to be Bold Large pieces of furniture and art that would overwhelm most rooms look great in a loft.

Convenience Lofts typically are in downtown areas, close to jobs, services, and entertainment venues                                                                                       

Downtown Enid has both residential and rental lofts. Each one is unique, restored, and a vibrant part of the downtown community. More information is available on these online or by contacting Nicholas Residential Real Estate (580) 234-7000.

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