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Boss for a Day!

Hello readers and welcome back to TEEN SCENE!!! I’m happy to finally say fellow teens and I  have gotten through a whole month of school! Speaking of school, October 16th is National Bosses Day so I thought we’d talk about what I would change if I was BOSS of Enid High (sorry Principal Lidell!) Let’s go! 

The first thing I would change at Enid High is the time of day it starts. I do appreciate that it starts 35 minutes later than Elementary and Middle school but I would rather it start at 9 and end at 4. Usually, most students also do extracurricular activities like sports, band, choir and many more so you might be thinking wouldn’t practice last till 6 and the answer is yes. Yes, it would BUT we wouldn’t be as tired because school is starting at 9. Now I don’t know if it’s the state or the city that decides what time our school starts but I know if I was the boss I would fight till I got my way. 

The second thing I would change is LOCKERS! Whenever I was younger I was SOOO excited to get to High School so I could have my own locker. I was really looking forward to decorating it all pretty and fun, but when I got there they were all gone. I always see them in high school movies so it’s like why can’t we have them, you know? AND for me personally, my bag is REALLY heavy so if I was able to get the things I needed for my class and leave everything else in a locker then it would be a whole lot easier on me and my back. 

High school hall blue color lockers closed, one open. Education building interior, empty corridor, 3d render

The last thing I would change is how strict everyone is on phones. I understand that they can be distracting but if you get your work done they should be an award. A lot of kids, me included, would have more motivation to do my work if we were allowed on our phones when we’re done with it. I will have to admit I have snuck my phone before and got on it when I’m not supposed to (don’t be mad, Coach Holland), but what do you expect? I was SOOO bored and already had all my work done. I also believe that the more strict someone is on something the more likely kids are going to try and sneak something, so basically, if teachers are more strict on phones then students are more likely to get on them when they aren’t supposed to.  Thank you for reading this month’s article. I hope you enjoyed the topic!! I would love to hear what you would change about your school if you were the boss. So email me @ tweensceneenid@gmail.com If you have any questions, comments, or ideas for upcoming articles let me know there as well!! See you all next month. Have a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! 

Sophia Faulk
Sophia Faulk
Sophia is a 9th Grader at Enid High School. She is a member of the Cross Country, Soccer and Track teams, and the 9th grade debate team. She likes hanging out with friends and making bracelets.



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