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Marsha Scott

October 2022 marked the tenth year for former teacher, Marsha Scott, to serve on the Oklahoma Bible Academy School Board. Her character, integrity, and service to this school is unparalleled, both as a valued board member and beloved teacher of subjects such as English I, AP English Literature, Psychology, Film, and more.

Marsha Scott grew up in Winfield, KS where she attended public school. While attending Oklahoma State University she met her husband and studied Speech Pathology. After graduating, she worked as a Speech Pathologist in the public school system for three years, before starting their family. After her children left for college, Scott went back to OSU to get her Master’s in English Literature. Before joining the faculty and staff at OBA, Scott served on the Enid Board of Education for a time. It was the parent of a student at OBA, Ann Abernathy, that she attributes to her eventually coming to work at OBA. “Never in a million years did I think I would teach at OBA, but a friend said I might like it, so I gave it a shot! I am so glad I did, I absolutely loved teaching, the kids were and are terrific,” Scott recalled.

New to the world of Christian education, Scott learned along with the students the importance of it. “The unique thing about Christian education is that it allowed me as a teacher to implement biblical truths and values into what is being taught,” Scott said. “You find biblical principles in all of literature! I am so adamant to being able to teach books that teach students to develop critical thinking skills. I believe the reason we have classical literature is to be able to look at themes being addressed in hundred-year-old books that are still being experienced by students today.”

As Jenelle Crismas, Dean of Academics at OBA, recollected, “Mrs. Scott always demanded excellence from her students and they would meet whatever standard she set because they love and respected her so much. As an administrator, I always felt support from her on the board. She so strongly desires for the standard of excellence of OBA to continue.”

In reflecting on her time at OBA and on the School Board, Scott said, “I love God, literature, and the kids which funnels into a life-long love and loyalty for OBA.” Mrs. Scott, the OBA community thanks you for your service and your commitment to God and this school!

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Oklahoma Bible Academy is a middle and secondary school whose purpose is to integrate God’s Word into every aspect of life and learning, in order to present a biblical worldview to each student, and equip them for God’s purpose for their life.



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