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International Women’s Day

Hey y’all, and welcome back to the Teen Scene column in ENID MONTHLY. The month of March includes a very important holiday: International Women’s Day. I did an article over this holiday in last year, but I only wrote about ONE woman who’s inspired me. This month I am going to be telling you how the most important women in my life have inspired me. Let’s go!!

The most important woman in my life is my mom. She has inspired me in many ways that she probably has no idea about. One way she’s inspired me is how she’s never cared about what other people think of her. She always does what suits and is best for her no matter what. This has taught me to just be myself. Another example is that she will do anything for her kids. If I ever become a mom I hope to be just like her because she’s the best mom in the whole world.

My grandma is another very important woman to me. She’s taught me to respect everyone. Any time I’m disrespectful to my mom (even if it’s just a little bit) she’s the first to step in and tell me that was wrong. She has also taught me to not be argumentative. She hates arguing so she’s always told me to not argue and it’s helped me so much. 

My little sister, Olivia, might not be a woman yet BUT she has still inspired me to be a better person and deserves credit for it. She is always someone to never judge someone before you get to know them. Anytime I talk badly about someone she always tells me “you never know where they’ve come from or what their life is really like outside of the time you see them” and it always makes me stop and not talk badly about people. She’s the most amazing sister I could ask for and I’m so glad that she’s taught me many things. 

Last but not least, my best friend Mallie. Mallie has been in my life for almost 13 years and has helped me in so many ways. The most important thing is how to be an amazing best friend. We can argue about something and not even 10 minutes later be ok again. She’s never let anything ruin our friendship and it has taught me to never give up on someone that means a lot to me. 

Thank you for reading this month’s article! I really hope you enjoyed it. I would love to hear about a woman who has inspired you so email me at tweensceneenid@gmail.com I would also love to hear any question comments or ideas for upcoming articles, so email me for that too! I hope you have an amazing March and a great St. Patrick’s day!! See you next month <3

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Sophia Faulk
Sophia Faulk
Sophia is a 9th Grader at Enid High School. She is a member of the Cross Country, Soccer and Track teams, and the 9th grade debate team. She likes hanging out with friends and making bracelets.



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