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Jerry Koehn

OBA has impacted Jerry Koehn and his family for generations. Jerry Koehn, a long-time board member, alumnus, and OBA champion, embodies the OBA commitment. Jerry’s father, Vernard Koehn, was a 1937 graduate of OBA. He attended OBA along with his four younger brothers, eventually graduating in 1959.

Koehn went on to Enid Business College and studied accounting. He eventually became the Vice President of Operations at PT after working as an accountant. He had two children and two stepchildren, two of which went to OBA and have continued his legacy through sending their children to OBA. That’s four generations of the Koehn clan!

When I asked Mr. Koehn how OBA prepared him for his life and his career, he said that it taught him the importance of leadership, responsibility and community involvement. These values also came to show through Koehn’s service on the OBA board. He served more than 20 years on the board, even when times were tough. Starting his service in the 80s and seeing the school through its floundering and interceding on behalf of OBA, showed Koehn’s commitment to the school. He recalled the tough times and said: “There were some that suggested we throw in the towel. But, I didn’t believe that was supposed to happen. I remember walking in my yard before board meetings and sitting with Jake Rempel and Bryan Kroeker… I prayed, Lord, you are going to have to do something special if you want this to work out. Honestly, I saw no way at all. But, God showed a way. He had His hand in it all.”

Jerry Koehn’s commitment was officially recognized in 2015 when he was added to the OBA Wall of Christian Commitment. The continuance of the school has been a joy to watch for Mr. Koehn as he still stops by because of his love for the school and his grandchildren that are still here. He sees the similarities between his grandchildren’s experience and his own so many years ago. While there are major differences, the joy is the same.

Thank you, Mr. Koehn, for your commitment, evangelism, and having a hand in allowing this school, and its students, to flourish.

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