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Cans 4 Change

Author: Megan Lavicky

Hooray for a free way to help the animals! 

Have you heard about Cans 4 Change? The ESPCA collects aluminum drinking cans to recycle them. The cans help raise money to fund SNIP, ESPCA’s low-cost spay/neuter program. This program is income-based with a sliding scale for the co-pay. In 2023, the ESPCA has done over 500 spay and neuter surgeries, administered 1090 vaccines, and done 134 microchips for the public. SNIP helps by preventing unwanted litters that will impact the shelters later on. There is a waitlist with the high community demand for this critical service, but the ESPCA and the medical team work hard to get in as many surgeries as possible each month. You can be a part of making a difference by donating your aluminum drinking cans.  

There are four convenient locations:


1116 Overland Trail

Tractor Supply

4010 W Owen K Garriott Rd

Groom Closet Pet Center

2005 W Chestnut Ave

Park Avenue Thrift

507 S Grand Ave

Pull right up to any of the bins and toss your bag of aluminum drinking cans in, knowing you’ve done a good thing to help the animals and your community. At the Park Avenue Thrift location, they will even take your cans at their donation drop-off. This location is excellent if you have difficulty tossing the bag in the bin’s top. 

The ESPCA team has been excited about the impact the cans have made. In August, the Cans 4 Change program added up to $709.30. The dollar amount varies each month, but the ESPCA stretches every dollar, so with the community donations toward Spay It Forward, Cans 4 Change, and a generous grant from Park Avenue Thrift Enid, the program is still going strong in the second half of 2023. For more information about SNIP, click the “programs” link at enidspca.org. You’ll find the details as well as the 2023 pricing. 

The ESPCA’s mission is to provide compassionate care to companion animals awaiting adoption. Their hope is to provide beneficial services to people to champion the human/animal bond. Want to add a new family member to your home? All ESPCA pet adoptions include a spay or neuter, age-appropriate vaccinations, and a microchip. The small adoption fee of $85 to $125 means your pet will be off to a great start on the “right paw”! You can see more adoptable pets at enidspca.org/adopt and even complete your application online.

Blake Reese
Blake Reese is the Coeditor and Advertising Director for Enid Monthly. Writing and editing are passions of his, but he also enjoys the connections and relationships he gets to make by going out into the community. Blake is originally from Wichita, Kansas, but he relocated to Enid after graduating from college. He graduated from Wichita State University with a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science accompanied by a minor in Communications. Blake definitely misses the city life from time to time, but he's happy to be a part of the Enid community.



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