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Local Skilled and LTC Facility Gives Back to the Community

The Living Center, a local skilled and long term care facility, has donated 100 turkeys to the Community Development Support Association, as a gift of thanks and gratitude this holiday season.

“Our nursing home has been the recipient of so many generous donations and gifts from the community of Enid, and we wanted to give back and pay some of that kindness and generosity back to Enid. Our corporate ownership, Marsh Pointe Management, LLC., provided 100 turkeys for each of their homes, and let each facility decide how they wanted to distribute them. The Living Center is giving 100 turkeys to the community of Enid for the holiday season, as a small token of appreciation and thanks for the support, generosity, and kindness that they show us during the year”, said Jack Staples, Administrator.

C.D.S.A. was chosen to receive these turkeys. Together with their Youth Build program they distributed the turkeys to recipients within Enid. Rachael Harris, Youth Build Coordinator, worked closely with our staff to transport and distribute these turkeys to the community. Hopefully sharing this story with Enid will encourage even more generous acts of kindness and ways to “pay it forward”.

Submitted by: Karen Staples, The Living Center

Blake Reese
Blake Reese
Blake Reese is the Coeditor and Advertising Director for Enid Monthly. Writing and editing are passions of his, but he also enjoys the connections and relationships he gets to make by going out into the community. Blake is originally from Wichita, Kansas, but he relocated to Enid after graduating from college. He graduated from Wichita State University with a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science accompanied by a minor in Communications. Blake definitely misses the city life from time to time, but he's happy to be a part of the Enid community.



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