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Helen Davis – Local Legend

Helen Davis was born in 1968 in Oklahoma City. She grew up with two sisters in the Duncan and Pauls Valley area where she graduated from in 1991. Ultimately, she moved to Enid to be part of the state school until moving out into a more independent living environment with roommates in a group home. She likes spending time with her sister, Brenda, who comes and visits her from Moore and takes her on special outings, and she misses her other sister, Heather, who has passed. Helen’s supervisor Crystal Buller said, “Helen is a super hard worker, is super fun to be around, and just has the best personality. She loves to meet new people, and she calls all the people she really likes “bro.” She’s just a special person.”

4RKids Executive Director Rachel McVay echoes the sentiment. “Helen is so friendly and the first person to say hello in the morning. She knows everyone’s name, and we just love having her around.”

Helen currently works at 4RKids in the recycling center, but she really wanted to talk all about the “Night to Unite” Prom for those with special needs. “I really love the dance,” Helen said “I love to dance, take pictures with my buddy, see everyone, eat junk food, and sing karaoke. I got a black and gold dress from the YWCA or prom shop, and I got my hair and makeup done. I also really want to dance with the minion again!”

The “Night to Unite” will be held on February 2, 2024, at Oakwood Christian Church. Registration is now open for both “Kings and Queens” and Volunteers at nightuniteenid.com. Kings and Queens are limited to 175 participants and must be 14 or older and Volunteers must be 16 and older and pass a background check. Volunteers are needed for setup, cleanup, red carpet cheering, buddies, and other important areas.

“This is the social event of the entire year for most of our workers,” said McVay, “they talk about it nonstop, and Helen especially loves talking about it both before and after. We could not do it without all the sponsors and volunteers, and I know she would love to see anyone that wants to help!”

Whether dancing with a minion or making people laugh, Helen Davis is a true Local Legend, bro.

Robert Faulkhttps://enidmonthly.com
Robert R. Faulk is the Publisher and Editor of the Enid Monthly. Robert graduated from Oklahoma State University with a B.A. in Political Science and has his J.D. from the Oklahoma City University School of Law. He is originally from Oklahoma City, but is happy to have lived in Enid since 2004 and calls it "home."



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