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Adult Book Review: The Fellowship of Puzzlemakers

Author: Samuel Burr
Reviewed by Chloe Fuksa

If your idea of a beach read involves a lot of sun, sand, and steaminess, this month’s book – a group of pensioners, at a crumbling house, in rainy England – won’t exactly be what you’re after. But if you want a beautiful, unique book to make your heart happy, you can certainly take The Fellowship of Puzzlemakers along with you on vacation. It was released in April 2024, and it is actually the debut novel for author Samuel Burr – though you surely wouldn’t guess that. The writing and the cleverness of the story are very impressive for a first-timer.

The Fellowship of Puzzlemakers is told in two timelines: Pippa in the 1980s to 1990s and Clayton in present day. Pippa is a legendary designer of crossword puzzles who steps out from behind her pseudonym to form a group of puzzle lovers, whether that be with codes or mazes or jigsaws or trivia. Readers follow the Fellowship as they come to live together and operate out of Creighton Hall, through the ups and downs of profitable Spring Fayres and expensive home maintenance disasters. For Clayton, he was dropped off at the Fellowship’s doorstep as a baby and has never known who his actual parents are. Now, in his mid-twenties, he is determined to find some answers. But in a way only Pippa could have arranged, Clayton must solve a series of puzzles to do so – while stepping out of his shell and making new friends every step of the way.

My one tip for this book, if you want the complete experience, is that you have to read the physical book, not listen to the audiobook – because there are actual puzzles printed throughout! I love everything about this book. I love the message of connection and chosen family. I love the quirky characters and their banter. I love the cover jacket and the blurb. I love just the overall pure nerdiness of this book. It’s one of a kind, and it’ll certainly have you smiling the next time you sit down to complete a puzzle of your own.

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Chloe Fuksa
Chloe Fuksahttp://putnamsix.com
Chloe Fuksa is the owner of Putnam Six Bookstore, located in Sunset Plaza. Like many others in her hometown, Chloe was sad to see Hastings close and decided to open a local independent bookstore in October 2018. Chloe loves that books can comfort you and teach you, they can make you laugh and make you cry, they can transport you to faraway places and inspire your wildest dreams.



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