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Foster or Volunteer: You can do great things; the ESPCA animals need you!

Author: Megan Lavicky

Have you ever wanted to try fostering, or are you a seasoned foster with some days to spare this summer? Please help get the dogs out of the ESPCA kennels for a little summer break! A STAYCATION is the perfect way to try out fostering. It’s like babysitting for a few days. It’s also a great way to try out a pet in your life or an additional pet in your family. You can even do it more than once. You may find out that short-term fostering is something you love to do.

By giving a shelter dog a rest from the busy kennels, you will be providing an excellent service. Dogs are more likely to get adopted when the ESPCA knows something about how they behave in a home. When people see photos of them in a home setting, they are more likely to think about them in their own homes.  

If you are not an ESPCA foster yet, please complete an application at enidspca.org/foster. Sonya, the ESPCA’s foster coordinator, will help you get started quickly and easily.

Be a part of a dog’s life and a dog-walking team. You will be healthier and make a dog happier all at the same time. Volunteer just an hour or a few hours a week to walk a dog or two. Some of ESPCA’s most dedicated dog-walkers will be gone for a while this summer. The kennel dogs still need lots of exercise and stimulation to help them with training to be someone’s new family member.

Brittany is ESPCA’s newest volunteer dog walker. She is pictured here with her son Jackson and one of the ESPCA kennel dogs, Stormie. Stormie likes little kids, so Jackson gets to experience the company of a shelter dog. Thank you for answering the call to volunteer and walk dogs.

The ESPCA is looking for volunteers to help socialize, play with, and walk kennel dogs. Kennel dogs love being out of their dog runs and with people. A walk helps with behavior and manners and enriches their lives.

Can you spare some time for a walk with a dog friend?
Call Pat at 580-242-0367 for an appointment to meet the dogs or ask any questions you may have.

If you love kitties, you can volunteer at the shelter by reading, brushing, or sitting with the adoptable kitties. Fill out your application at enidspca.org/volunteer.

Blake Reese
Blake Reese
Blake Reese is the Coeditor and Advertising Director for Enid Monthly. Writing and editing are passions of his, but he also enjoys the connections and relationships he gets to make by going out into the community. Blake is originally from Wichita, Kansas, but he relocated to Enid after graduating from college. He graduated from Wichita State University with a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science accompanied by a minor in Communications. Blake definitely misses the city life from time to time, but he's happy to be a part of the Enid community.



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