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Cathy Thomas

Cathy Thomas, born in New York, raised in Pennsylvania, educated in Arizona, having lived in Oregon, Florida and many places in between, now calls Oklahoma “home.” Currently a music and art teacher in a local school, Cathy is a third-generation puppeteer, historical interpreter, writer, painter, and candlestick maker and mom of a teenager. When the weather is warm, she can usually be found playing in the dirt along with her four dogs and five chickens and trying to grow flowers, vegetables and other plants.

Garfield County Extension Office

Gardening. While Webster’s dictionary may define gardening as “an act, activity or pastime of planning and cultivating gardens,” another possible definition could be “an...


Before I became an Oklahoman I was a Yankee from northern Pennsylvania – where the cows outnumber the people and the deer outnumber the...

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