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CHS Athletics

CHS Athletics

Chisholm Volleyball

By: Madison McMahon – Chisholm HS Junior As we trade beach bags for backpacks and temperatures begin to drop, the Chisholm Lady Horns volleyball team...

Summer Football

By Gracie Holder As beach towels are rolling out, sun shades are dropping down, and sno-cones are piling high, helmets are being put on. The...

Popsicles or Pickup

Story by Gracie Holder As the school year and final sports are coming to a close, the introduction to a new era is present for...

Passing of the Torch

By Gracie Holder, CHS Senior It is clear: as the school year comes to a close, Seniors are not only ordering their caps and gowns,...

Chisholm Track & Field

Very few high school sports teams can vouch for having quite an exceptional record—excluding Chisholm High School’s Track & Field team of course. The...

Pings of Spring – Chisholm Baseball and Softball

Story by Gracie Holder - CHS Senior Although the climate and weather patterns lately are making it easy to pretend spring is not rapidly approaching,...

Basketball Through a Pandemic

Written by: Gracie Holder, CHS Senior Although less appears to be going on during this season of pandemic, and the existence of countless unknowns continue...

Wheat Capital Basketball Tournament

By Joey Reinart, Chisholm Athletic Director As January approaches in Northwest Oklahoma, basketball season becomes the central focus of high school sports.  Such is the...

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