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Saturday, June 10, 2023

Dalen McVay

Dalen McVay is a lawyer and an avid outdoorsman, hunting and fishing for every species available in Oklahoma. He especially enjoys bass fishing and deer hunting. He has two sons and a daughter who also enjoy the great outdoors, especially any time spent at the lake. His lovely wife does not enjoy his muddy boots.

Talk to me Goose

Howdy friends, honk honk (that’s goose speak) what’s flying high today? Oklahoma is home to what seems like a bazillion geese.  While goose hunting...

Just Croakin’

Y’all know a frog’s favorite restaurant? Ihop, of course! Talk of restaurants got me thinking about a delicacy I enjoy. . .fried frog legs. Before...

Archery Q&A

Happy almost hunting season folks! It’s about time to get out the ole stick and string and get tuned up for archery season. I’ve...

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