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Lori Coonrod

Lori Coonrod

New Year ~ RENEW You!

The concept of New Year’s Resolutions has been around for over four thousand years. Most historian accounts credit the Babylonians for starting the tradition....

A Christmas Movie Worthy Holiday

Minus the picturesque mountains in the distance, the atmosphere in Enid this holiday season resembles the setting for a Hallmark Movie. So many things...

Thanksgiving Feast

The word Thanksgiving immediately calls to mind images of pumpkins and pilgrims and all things fall; however, the most prevalent image is food. Thanksgiving...

Prost! Oktoberfest

The word Oktoberfest recalls images of Lederhosen, Dirndl Dresses, and full beer steins.  I must admit before doing my research, I probably could not...

Family By Choice

Story by Lori Coonrod This is the time of year we honor our mothers, the ones that gave us life, and those that make life...

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