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Patrick Wine

Patrick Wine
A graduate of the University of Colorado at Boulder, Patrick supplemented his Cinema Studies and Moving Image Arts degree with a minor in Space; a program teaching students about the various roles space plays in numerous career fields. Having studied spacecraft design/operations under astronaut Jim Voss, astrophysics and cosmology from researchers at the forefront of the field, and space in art, Patrick aspires to share the wonders of the celestial heavens with people around the world. Having gained his passion for astronomy from his father, he hopes the articles he writes will inspire both young and old alike to gaze upon the ancient skies and discover our cosmic home.

Caution: Don’t Read This Article

Warning: what you are about to read may lead to unscheduled and ravenously rapid mind disassembly. Some readers may find this material too wondrous...

Guided by the Ancients

A foreboding breeze tickles the back of your neck as the cold blisters along your spine. Like a knife through butter, the bitterness of...

The Brightest Lie Ever Told

I’m going to let you in on a little secret; you’ve been lied to. No, that call stating your car’s extended warranty is cause...

Drawn to Life Like a Magnet

For more than a century, mankind has looked into the vastness of our solar system with hopes of discovering worlds that could not only...

Earth’s Evil Twin

The Goddess of Love. The Morning and Evening Star. The star of Wimbledon. Wait, wrong Venus. This mysterious planet has captivated the human race...

How to Sound Cool at a Party

Here’s the skinny of it. We all know that one person who can walk into any setting, from neon-colored house parties to fancy cocktail...

From Our Wallet, to Space, and Back

Since the inception of NASA by President Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1958, NASA and the funding thereof has been a relatively contentious topic. Not...

Life Exists in the Universe. Probably.

For thousands of years, humans have looked skyward in search of civilizations that could occupy planets within the vast emptiness of space. Yet, through...

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