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Sherrel Jones

Sherrel Jones
Sherrel Jones, known locally as Editor of the original Junior Welfare League’s “Stir-Ups” cookbook grew up with an intense love of cooking. Long before her 17-year food columnist days at the Oklahoman, she was in the kitchens and gardens of her family’s farms. “Stir-Ups” was a catalyst for more discovery and inspiration as Sherrel pursued her food education in the United States as well as Italy and France.

Pimento Cheese

Summertime is supposed to be a great time to relax, but sometimes if you are the one in charge of all the cooking, it...

Mother’s Day Cooking

Hungry for some of Mama’s cooking? Mother’s Day evokes such a flood of memories: Special times with our mothers, their unforgettable sayings and remarks,...

French Toast

Hungry for spring? Like most of us after the crazy cold winter we’ve had, I can’t wait to get into the garden and enjoy...

Irish Soda Bread

Looking forward to spring and all things green? If you are even just a wee bit Irish or just hungry for some warm fresh-baked...

Homemade Stew

Cold weather provides plenty of inspiration for cooking up some super satisfying meals to warm you up from head to toe. A big batch...

“Log On” Christmas Cookies

Hungry? It's amazing how things can inspire one to bake. My most recent inspiration came from our surprise ice storm with its downed power...


I love to cook for Thanksgiving!  I often tell people that cooking for Thanksgiving is as much about timing and organization as it is...

Ghosty Toasties

Hungry for a spooky treat to occupy those little monsters creeping through your home? Maybe you are just hungry for a fast and easy...

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