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Garfield County Master Gardener

Garfield County Master Gardener

Fungus Gnats on Indoor Plants

By: Kathryn Redding, Garfield County Master Gardener Many of us placed our indoor plants outside for the summer so they could enjoy natural light and...

Pruning Ornamental Trees, Shrubs and Vines

By Deloris Castor - Garfield County Master Gardener Proper pruning enhances the beauty of almost any landscape tree and shrub and is an essential maintenance...

The Miracle of the Butterfly

Article and Photos By Diane Ford - Garfield County Master Gardener Magic! That’s what I think so many times when I walk through our...

July Gardening

By Cathy Thomas, Garfield County Master Gardener class of 2019 Fall gardening?! It's only July! It may be the height of summer but gardening never...

Fairy and Gnome Gardens

A fairy garden is a small container garden or designated space in the garden that utilizes miniature plants and accessories. Creating a container fairy...


By Cathy Thomas – Master Gardener Class of 2019 Spring has arrived! Signs are everywhere. Baby animals are frolicking. Baby birds are chirping.  New plants...

Keyhole Gardens

Story by Mike Gwinnup, Garfield County Master Gardener Spring is rapidly approaching and many of you may be planning on creating some new beds for...

Loving Roses: St. Valentine’s Day and Beyond

Kris VculekGarfield County Master Gardener As the chill of winter has settled in, the month of February offers a welcome day of romance and color...

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