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Mental Health Awareness: What’s the Problem

On May 31st, another “Mental Health Awareness” month will come to a close. Being in the field of substance use disorder, I think it’s...

Spring into Healthy Aging

Spring is finally here! Sunny blue skies, birds singing, warm weather, and now is your chance to get out and enjoy this most beautiful...

Women’s Health

Melanie Hutchinson, DO, a physician at St. Mary's Family Medicine North, discusses how women can stay on top of their health. Q. Why is it...

The Imbalanced Trifecta

In 1988, I was participating in a clinical supervision meeting. Our Clinical Supervisor asked, “Do all people need counseling?”  She followed up with, “What...

Using Medications Safely – A Key Ingredient to Your Health

Nearly nine in ten (89%) of adults aged 65 years and over report that they are taking at least one prescription medication. Of that...

Safety Around Water

71% of the World is Water, Children Are 100% Curious Teaching children how to be safe around water is not a luxury; it is a...

The Importance of a Primary Care Provider (PCP)

Casey L. Cochran, DO, a physician at St. Mary's Family Medicine North, explains the important role of a primary care provider (PCP). Q. Why should...

Three Reasons Exercise Should be a Family Routine

1) Family physical activity models positive health behaviors for children. Developing positive physical activity habits is like any other behavior—we learn by observing. Parents are...

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