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Shop Local This Holiday Season

The holiday season is upon us and it is time to start shopping for gifts for our friends and loved ones. While shopping online might be more convenient than getting outside, the direct impact shopping local goes way beyond helping to spread the holiday cheer. Small businesses play a large role in the strength of our economy.  

Top five reasons why it is important to shop locally.

  1. Job Creation – Local business owners hire local people. In fact, according to a 2016 study by the Institute for Local Self-Reliance, compared to Amazon, independent retailers create 2x as many jobs for the same amount of revenue.
  1. Keep Money Local – Sales tax is a vital part of funding services in our community. When you shop local, you are increasing the sales tax revenue to fund core services. Also, local business owners are more likely to spend their money locally, which continues to add money to the community. Research by Civic Economics has shown that, on average, 48% of the money spent at local businesses re-circulates locally. 
  1. Better Customer Service – No one likes being put on hold or waiting for customer service. Local business owners are passionate about growing their business, and they work hard to provide quality products and services. 
  1. Small Businesses support Nonprofits & Organizations – Whether it is a local nonprofit, youth sports team, school group, or another group raising funds, many time key sponsors are our local businesses. Small business owners are involved in the community and look for a variety of ways to give back.
  1. Growing Enid – Spending your money in Enid increases the demand for products and services which in turn will drive new business growth.  Local businesses create a unique culture and vibrancy in the community which attracts more people who want to live, work, and shop in Enid.

Enid has a wide variety of locally-owned shops and you can find a few of them on www.shopinenid.com.  When you shop local in Enid you are bound to find everything you need for your holiday gift list.

Lisa Powellhttp://www.growenid.com
The Enid Economic Development Corner provides insight into economic development and the impact it has on our community. Our hope is to engage readers learn more about the work that goes into making Enid the best place to live, work, and grow.



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