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St. Patrick’s Day at Callahan’s Pub

Callahan’s Pub was started on March 17, 2003, as a British Public House. It was designed and opened as a space to bring adults together in a casual setting to enjoy friends, food, fun, and cheer.  Callahan’s is family-owned by the Flemings. Mike, Brett, and Mark all have previous restaurant experience but wanted Enid to enjoy a place with a friendly neighborhood atmosphere. This idea turned into Callahan’s Pub and Grill; one of Enid’s oldest and most popular eating establishments. Over the years the menu has evolved, from a small selection of appetizers, fish and chips, and nachos into an eclectic selection of fare from the Old British Empire that includes tikka masala (India), shepherd’s pie, and sesame-crusted tuna steak (Asia). 

Callahan’s first St. Patrick’s Day celebration was a “grand opening” bringing friends together to enjoy traditional Irish food and beverages. Over the years, this has grown into a week-long celebration featuring traditional Irish food or as it’s called in Ireland, BIA. St. Patrick’s Day selections will include: corned beef and cabbage, bangers and mash with Colcannon potatoes, grilled salmon on boxty, a proper Gaelic fry up, and a traditional Dublin meat pie. All menu items are made in-house from scratch and boast quality, variety, and most of all great taste!

The staff at Callahan’s provide friendly and efficient service contributing to the cheerful environment. Several of the employees have worked there for more than 10 years. They are all essential to the top-notch service their patrons have grown accustomed to. 

Come say DIA DUIT at Callahan’s where there aren’t strangers, just friends who haven’t met yet!

Molly Nicholas
Molly Nicholashttps://www.nicholasrres.com/
Enid Realtor and Long Time Resident providing Excellent Intergrity Based Customer Service. Home Staging and Listing Specialist.



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