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Local Legend: Kenneth Wade

Kenneth Wade, affectionately known as “Reverend Wade” has been a long-time Enid fixture and beloved minister for many years. Reverend Wade and his family, Carole, Greg, and Doug, moved to Enid following a vicarage and a call to St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Enid in 1971.  Barely into his ministry at St. Paul’s, he watched the Enid Community band together following a significant flood in 1973. He saw the community respond to each other with care and compassion. Thus beginning his devotion to the community that became home for his family. 

Reverend Wade has a strong commitment to both church and community. This was apparent in his support of St Paul’s Lutheran school. The school was started in 1926 and closed down for a brief time during the depression and reopened in 1934. Seeing a need for early childhood education in the Enid community, the preschool program was started, the school enrollment grew, and St Paul’s Lutheran school earned its accreditation. The school thrived under his leadership and continues to serve the Enid Community to this day.  

During his time pastoring at St. Pauls, he has been, and remains, a vital part of many family services. Rev Wade said, “I have averaged one baptism, one wedding, and one funeral per month for fifty years.” Throughout his ministry in Enid, his commitment has remained one of service to people as well as the pulpit. His warm demeanor has endeared many to him.  His kindness is contagious. He does not know a stranger and sees everyone he encounters as a friend. 

Reverend Wade has been a fixture in the Cherokee Strip Parades as the “circuit-riding preacher.” Each year he conducts Chapel for St. Paul Lutheran School on horseback. 

He is also responsible for a route to display (and takedown) United States Flags throughout our community every holiday weekend

In addition to his too numerous to mention church outreach committees he serves on the Board of Directors and past president Enid Pastoral Care, a past president of the Enid Ministerial Alliance, he Co-ordinated a community-wide Thanksgiving Service was a Citizens Committee Member for the first BRAC closing round and is a member of the Enid Civitans.  

Retired in 2003, he remains a member at St. Paul’s. He has returned to his roots of being raised on a farm. He now farms what he calls, “Some really good pieces of ground” here within the city limits, as well as maintaining a small cow/calf herd.

He is currently serving a vacancy at St. John’s in Covington. Since his retirement, he remains active in Enid Civitans.  

Reverend Wade remains grateful  saying, “The blessings that I have received from the Enid Community  are far and away better than anything that I could have imagined for myself and my family!” He is truly a “Local Legend!”

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