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Men: Don’t Put off Your Healthcare

Some men are reluctant to seek routine medical care. Casey L. Cochran, DO, a physician at St. Mary’s Family Medicine North, discusses how men can take charge of their health.

Q. What are some of the top health concerns for men?

A. Top health concerns for men include heart disease, colon cancer, prostate cancer, diabetes, hypertension, tobacco use and obesity.

Q. What can men do to stay healthy and prevent disease?

A. To improve your health, make sure you eat a balanced diet consisting of plenty of fruits, vegetables, dairy, meats and whole grains. Exercise and staying physically active is just as important. If you use tobacco, quit.

Men should get annual check-ups after the age of 35. It’s important to have open discussions with your primary care provider (PCP) about any urinary changes.

Q. What types of health screenings can men do themselves without going to the doctor?

A. Men can do testicular evaluations at home by checking for any abnormal testicular lumps. They can also monitor their blood pressure.

There are several screenings that men should seek through their doctor. Men with no family history should begin prostate cancer screening at age 50. Those with a family history of prostate cancer should begin earlier at age 40. Annual rectal exams and PSA tests are the best way to get screened.

Everyone is recommended to have a colonoscopy starting at age 50. If you have a first-degree relative that was diagnosed with colon cancer, your screening should start 10 years prior to their age of diagnosis.

Q. If someone has health concerns, why is it important to seek immediate care?

A. It is important to catch disease at early stages when it is more treatable and to prevent further complications.

Q. If someone does not have a primary care provider (PCP), how can they find one?

A. Here at St. Mary’s Physician Associates, we offer primary care services for the whole family. We have several locations to make it convenient for patients to access the care they need.

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Cochran, call 580-249-3782 or book online at stmarysphysicianassociates.com. For physician referral assistance, call 580-599-6391.

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