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Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Canton, America

Well, folks, the heat has finally arrived. What is one to do? Well fish, of course! While I love Northwest Oklahoma (mainly for the people),  I wouldn’t consider it anything close to a fisherman’s paradise. While I have a pond hopper boat and a couple of leased farm ponds, the ole’ Triton bass boat doesn’t get utilized as often as I’d like. When you have teenage boys that travel in baseball and basketball, and an adorable 7-year-old daughter that plays EJRT softball, it’s difficult to find time to load up the big boat and get away a bit. My folks live on Table Rock Lake (near Branson, MO), so I’m probably somewhat spoiled by that lake because it’s a fisherman’s paradise. While no Table Rock, I spend the majority of my bass boat time on Canton Lake. Unbeknownst to many, Canton Lake is a pretty darn good lake for largemouth bass. While it’s known by most to be home to the popular Walleye Rodeo each year, one can also catch a large number and some fairly decent-sized largemouth. In addition, Canton has a good supply of white bass (or “sandies” depending on where you are from) that can also add some excitement to your day of fishing. And of course, plenty of good-sized Walleye are also prevalent in the lake, which are some really good eatin’.

Laykin Chappel (10 years old) Walleye caught at Canton Lake on April 7th, 2019, 7lb 9 oz (Photos provided)

At Canton, I generally do the best fishing the rip rap with crankbaits, but if you locate a weed patch buzzing a spinnerbait through has brought me tremendous results. Walleye and Whites typically hammer a spoon jigging over the submerged islands as well. Due to it being a mostly open lake, the winds can be problematic for smaller vessels, but you can sneak up into the northern part of the lake to attempt to avoid the whitecaps and maybe set the hook on a lunker. Canton is a short one-hour drive from Enid and is a good place to get you on the water and your lure wet. 

Until next time friends and don’t forget your plug or you’ll end up wet as well. Fish on!

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Dalen McVay
Dalen McVay is a lawyer and an avid outdoorsman, hunting and fishing for every species available in Oklahoma. He especially enjoys bass fishing and deer hunting. He has two sons and a daughter who also enjoy the great outdoors, especially any time spent at the lake. His lovely wife does not enjoy his muddy boots.



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