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Fowlco Outfitters

Hello sportsmen and sportswomen! Who loves to hunt waterfowl? While I seemingly can’t blow a duck/goose call for squat, I’ve determined my best avenue is to bring along a buddy who can. Luckily, I run around with a few fellas I truly believe were given a duck call as opposed to a pacifier as a baby. That’s a quick introduction to today’s topic, because my new friend was gracious enough to provide me with plenty of information, and I can assure you the information he shares will be worth more to you than my babble.

I was introduced to Josh by a mutual friend, and Josh and “FOWLCO” had a problem. What problem, you ask? They had several industrial freezers full to the brim with fully processed, shrink wrapped, individually labeled ducks and geese. The problem is it was early in the season and him and his crews were killing dozens and dozens of ducks/geese per day with nowhere to put them. I reckon I have a reputation of trying to help others from time to time and know a few people, so voila, I got the call. I met them at the FOWLCO headquarters and, needless to say, I was blown away. I knew who they were and where they were located, but WOW this place is top notch. Everything from the lodge, the Sitka clothing for sale, the rooms, bar area, 5-stand shooting area, etc. are absolutely top of the line. As soon as I saw the freezers and knew what I was working with, I made a few calls. You’ll be glad to hear that the ducks/geese are all now being distributed to non-profit organizations here in NW Oklahoma, free of charge. I can’t even imagine how many were in the freezer when I looked, (I took 80 but didn’t make even a dent in one freezer) but I can assure you there are lots of disadvantaged folks eating some mighty fine cuisine during hunting season. Anyway, on to the good stuff. Be sure to check out www.fowlcooutfitters.com!

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Dalen McVay
Dalen McVay is a lawyer and an avid outdoorsman, hunting and fishing for every species available in Oklahoma. He especially enjoys bass fishing and deer hunting. He has two sons and a daughter who also enjoy the great outdoors, especially any time spent at the lake. His lovely wife does not enjoy his muddy boots.



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