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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

The Tweens Talk: Turkey

It’s Mallie and Sophia back at it again writing Tween Scene! We hope you guys enjoyed our first article last month in Enid Buzz Monthly! This month we are going to talk about the awesome holiday Thanksgiving and what we are thankful for. Let’s get to it!

What Are We Thankful For?

We are thankful for our dogs, family, friends, being able to have a roof over our heads, being able to eat, and having a nice wardrobe. We are very lucky!

What is Our Favorite Thanksgiving Meal?

I love street corn, turkey, steak, and green bean casserole-Mallie

I love MASHED POTATOES, turkey, and bread with butter-Sophia

Do you have a favorite?

What Is Our Favorite Thanksgiving/Fall Decoration?

Mallies favorite decorations are the fun and colorful wreaths. Sophia’s likes the fun, crazy, and weird pumpkins.

What Is Our Favorite Family Tradition for Thanksgiving?

Mallie loves going to her grandparent’s house to eat Thanksgiving dinner with her family. Sophia’s favorite tradition is going out to her grandparent’s farm and having a big feast with her family. She also loves the Friendsgiving cookout at her dads with his friends and their kids.

Do We Think It’s Mean to Eat the Turkey?

I don’t think it’s mean because the turkey should’ve run faster – Mallie

I think it’s a little mean because it’s not their fault they should be getting killed by the hundreds, but they are pretty delicious! -Sophia

What Is Our Favorite Kind of Pumpkin?

Mallie likes the fat and round orange pumpkins. Sophia likes the little mini white ones because you can paint them.

Our Opinion On Raking And Playing In Leaves:

We don’t really like raking them but playing in them and jumping in the big piles are really fun!

What’s the Best Thanksgiving Dessert?

ICE CREAM! Sophia personally hates pie so she will only eat ice cream at Thanksgiving

What Does Thanksgiving Mean to Us?

Sophia: I think it means that you get together with your family to show thanks for the blessings of the past year and to show how much you love being together.

Mallie: Thanksgiving means getting to get with your friends and family to have a great time together.

Why Do We Thank People?

We thank people so we can show appreciation for what they did for us. Thanking people can also help cheer them up if they feel like they aren’t appreciated for how they help people.  

Well I hope you guys that are reading this appreciate the people that do things for you. Email us at tweensceneenid@gmail.com if you have anything you want us to write about! See you next month!!!

Sophia & Mallie
Sophia & Mallie
Sophia and Mallie have been best friends since Kindergarten. They are both in 7th grade in Enid, Sophia at Emerson M.S. and Mallie at Waller M.S. They both love soccer, hot pockets and tik-tok. Sophia and Mallie would love to hear from their readers! Email them at tweensceneenid@gmail.com.



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