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Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Attracting Customers Online Does Not Have to Be as Scary as 2020 Has Been – Here’s How

Few New Years have been welcomed as heartily as this one. If you’re like me, you’re probably eager (and hopeful?) for the new beginnings a new year brings.

Along with my fresh start as a newlywed, I recently quit my job to take my digital marketing business full time. Now I’m starting this monthly column, where I get to share my love of writing with you regularly. (For all of the above, I’ll say Yay God – Thanks for 2020!)

So, raise your glass with me to new beginnings! And tune in here each month for hot takes on how to grow your business (even during a pandemic), fun features of friendly faces from around town, and hopefully the occasional full-bellied laugh.

Now that we’re acquainted, I want to share something important. Your business cannot afford to ignore the digital era we’ve been ushered into. I know… As the need for various online delivery and communication rises, the annoyance level that comes with the words remote and virtual seems to rise at an equal rate. It can be intimidating, but you must take action to adapt. Read on to learn some of the best practices I’m using to help each of my clients grow their business.


Before I dive too deeply into digital marketing news and theories… I want to acknowledge that this digital world is absurd to many of you. You’ve always done business one way, and the last year pushed you so far out of your comfort zone, that considering anything else that includes the word online makes you want to drive straight to Callahan’s. Bear with me. Learning and implementing online strategies will transform your business. And after 2020, you’re probably ready for some transformation. Going online is worth the effort, especially with so many working online, remotely, virtually.

Recently in a meeting, someone asked me, “Ok, so I start posting about my new orange pants on social media. Do people actually care?” Yes – yes, they do. Maybe not specifically about your pants, but many are isolated and craving connection more than ever. If a conversation about those orange pants leads to a connection with you, which in turn leads to you becoming the first person they think of when in need of an electrician, a Realtor, a new shirt…or a-whatever-you-offer, wasn’t it worth the post?


Before you race over to Facebook and start posting, it’s important to put some thought into a strategy. In the digital world, likes and views aren’t enough. You want new customers.

You’ve got to one, know who these customers are, and two, know where they are. Just as every age group and demographic isn’t flocking to the same physical location, everyone is drawn to a different online platform.

Think of platforms as virtual buildings, and their features as rooms within those buildings. Every person physically gathered at an event is drawn to a different room with different refreshments, decor, and conversation.

As you shift your view of consumers in the online world to mirror them in the brick and mortar world, it’s important to be informed. Posting on every platform is not a guarantee of success.


I thought you’d never ask.

Facebook – The Dinner Party

Attending dinner with friends and only talking about business will soon land you on the far end of the table alone. Be sure to throw some casual or personal thoughts out there, too. Make sure to ask about their lives, comment on their lives, and let them respond.

Instagram – Brunch

This is a comfortable, casual, trendy environment. A place for cozy, stylish outfits. Conversations about your career are veiled in a more personal cloak, and you’re probably having a couple of mimosas.

LinkedIn – The Networking Luncheon

Have you ever left a luncheon and said, “Dang! I passed out too many business cards!”? This is a room with McAlister’s sandwiches and iced tea. You can’t over-connect. No super personal information is shared; it’s all about business trends and tips.

YouTube – Educational Work Conference

You hop through different channels with different educational videos, like a conference with different breakout sessions. What you post here should be educational, and set you up as a subject matter expert.

Snapchat and TikTok – Happy Hour

Things are rowdy here. There is dancing, and attire ranges from sweats to skinny jeans and stilettos. The conversation is 92 percent personal, eight percent business. To find success here, you have to commit to becoming a regular.

Twitter – The Coffee Shop

You pull up to Da Vinci’s for a quick catch up with friends. The conversation might be work or personal, but it’s fast and caffeinated. Some acquaintances will chime in as they pass your table. To make connections here, you need to show up daily.


Remember those two big questions I asked earlier. Who are your customers? Where do they hang out?

Think about the platforms where your customers are already hanging. Think about what type of content they consume. Then focus your energy on creating content they’ll enjoy on those platforms.

Oh, and of course, if you ever need help, I’m just a phone call or email away. (580) 231-1554 / wordygirlcreative@gmail.com.

Until next time.


Wordy Girl

Elizabeth Cummins
Elizabeth Cumminshttp://wordygirlcreative.com
Libby Cummins is a multimedia guru with a passion for helping you tell your story. With a background in journalism, marketing and IT, this Wordy Girl is equipped to guide you successfully through the digital realm. "The Wordy Girl" is filled with hot tips on growing your business online, and interesting features on friendly faces around town.



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