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Social Media Today-News and Trends

Staying up to date with trends and new releases in the social media and search engine marketing realm is a top priority at Wordy Girl Creative.

New features are often celebrated, but sometimes they’re a cause for pause, like the MetaVerse or Instagram’s “Shake Violently to Report a Technical Issue” feature. Per my usual quote on this: “[They] were so preoccupied with whether or not they could that they didn’t stop to think if they should,” as Jeff Goldblum said in Jurassic Park.

Here’s my deep dive into the ever-evolving social media landscape:

LinkedIn Announces Native Scheduling Option

LinkedIn’s developers announced a scheduling tool is in the works. This is reason to celebrate in the social media marketing world! According to the announcement, made via Twitter by App Developer Nima Owji, a small clock will appear in the bottom right of the LinkedIn post creator, allowing users to schedule when their post will go live.

LinkedIn announced to Social Media Today, “We’re working to bring native post scheduling to members and pages soon. Stay tuned for updates on future rollout plans.”

Not a lot of information yet, but certainly a game-changing concept.

Photo: Socialmediatoday.com

Meta Provides Algorithm Insight

Reels are all the rage these days! Data shows reels take up 20 percent of users’ time on the internet. With that in mind, it is clear that Meta wants more reels posted on Facebook and Instagram.

Just posting a reel isn’t a promise for traction, as I’m sure you’ve noticed if you’ve stepped into this newer craze. If you’ve entered into the video and reel world, Meta has announced some helpful tips to get more views.

Here is how the platform breaks down reels and videos:

“With Reels and Stories, people connect with others through engaging short bursts of entertainment. With Video on Demand and Live, people discover videos they care about and connect with their friends and fellow fans around that content.”

For maximum distribution, Meta gave the following tips:

  1. Originality. Straight from the horse’s mouth, we hear that the more original and unique, the more the algorithm will share your video content.
  2. Videos that capture attention will be shown more. This means once people start watching it all the way through, the algorithm will show it to more people to watch all the way through. Think quality footage and clear, gripping narration.

Brand loyalty is also important, as the platform says, “When people regularly come back to view an account’s videos, we take it as a strong, positive signal for distribution. This is especially true when we see that people actively search for your content or seek it out on video-first destinations like Facebook Watch, or directly on your account.”

Don’t take it lightly that Meta is opening up about algorithm tips. We’ve been trying to crack the code for years, and the platform is finally assisting businesses in reach! Check out bit.ly/metareelstips for the full instructions on gaining video and reel traction.

Reels vs. Videos – A Topic Worth Mentioning

Meta reported that videos take up 50 percent of users’ time on Facebook, in a 2022 report by TechCrunch! It’s important to note that videos and reels, while essentially the same medium, are different tools.

A reel is a short, engaging snippet intended to fall in line with a string of reels for entertainment purposes. A video is significantly longer – up to seven or 10 minutes on social media, with the goal of connecting you with meaningful content. There is value in videos of length! Per the article mentioned above, these are still integral in gaining traffic online.

I’ve heard a lot recently, “Well, isn’t that way too long? I thought everyone did little 15 second clips now.” They do, but those are reels! There is a time and place for a well made video. 

If you’d like to discuss this difference further, email me at elizabeth@wordygirl.com for a free consultation.

Instagram Users Don’t Want to Shop in the App

A recent report shared that the current Instagram ‘Shop’ tab will soon be erased from the platform. The company has reported a goal of moving to a ‘simpler and less personalized version of its retail product display. This is a big change in the e-commerce world, as in-stream commerce has appeared to be an area of growth for Meta.

The report shows that the platform has goals to focus on reels and videos over in-app shopping. Reels and videos, the topic of the week! Visit socialmediatoday.com for all the scoop on this announcement. 

Keeping up with new features is a great way to ensure you’re always tweaking your social media marketing strategy to get the right eyes on your content.

What new social media developments are you most excited about? We’d love to hear from you on Facebook or the blog.

Until next time.


Elizabeth / Wordy Girl

Elizabeth Cumminshttp://wordygirlcreative.com
Libby Cummins is a multimedia guru with a passion for helping you tell your story. With a background in journalism, marketing and IT, this Wordy Girl is equipped to guide you successfully through the digital realm. "The Wordy Girl" is filled with hot tips on growing your business online, and interesting features on friendly faces around town.



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