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TikTok, Meta & Twitter Making Changes

Greetings! With the ever-evolving algorithms of social media platforms, it’s important to read up on big and small changes.

I aim to keep my finger on the pulse of digital marketing trends as much as possible. And as we look to wrap up the final months of 2022, there are some changes on the social media marketing horizon. 

Perhaps the most significant is TikTok’s recent shake up.

TikTok Adds Photo Mode

While Instagram has copied TikTok time and again, the tables have turned with TikTok’s new photo mode announcement. 

Previously, TikTok has been purely entertaining reels, and a difficult space for businesses to navigate. (Who has the time?)

Through the new release, users can post single images, or create image slides just like on Instagram, plus attach music to the slides. 

Now, if the photo mode launch proves successful, TikTok becomes a true competitor to Meta in the promotional space. This makes room for unique ads and product promotions on TikTok – ones that business owners can more easily access and navigate.

Meta Changes “Send Message” CTA Ad Results

One of my biggest pet peeves is seeing a boosted post on Facebook with a “send message” call to action. 

First off, because it’s the automatic boost setting, it implies that the user added some funds to a post, and didn’t choose a specific audience or action to follow.

Second, does anyone really want to receive that many inquiries on Messenger? The dream CTA is a website visit, phone call, or even better, an automated sign-up or booking!

BUT, with Meta’s recent announcement, Messenger CTAs might make a comeback. The platform recently announced the following:

“Typically, we show Click to Messenger ads to people who are most likely to initiate a conversation with a business on WhatsApp, Messenger or Instagram Direct. With this update, we’re introducing the ability for advertisers to run Click to Messenger ads which will reach the people who are most likely to make a purchase in a thread.”

This means potential for more leads that turn into customers from these ads. Maybe I’ll loosen up on my hard-fast rule here! 

Twitter Launches Link Spotlight CTAs

After wrapping up recent testing, Twitter has officially released spotlight links for business accounts.

This means you can add a call to action to your business profile!

The current options include: book appointment, listen now, make reservation, read now, see now, stream live, view menu and watch now. 

The only drawback for business owners is that Twitter is only allowing specific domains to be used in these profile calls to action. The upside is there are options like YouTube and Calendly that allow for business promotions and booking options.

It will be interesting to see if this ultimately ups the use of Twitter for business in our region.

I wish you the best in your digital marketing efforts! If you’d like to chat more about the current tips and trends, shoot me an email at elizabeth@wordygirl.com

Until next time.


Elizabeth / Wordy Girl

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