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LinkedIn Deep Dive

LinkedIn: Do you use it? Do you have one that simply sits there because everyone is supposed to have one?

Honestly, LinkedIn can be one of the biggest thorns in my side. It’s difficult to master, and when a post takes off, it’s difficult to know why it took off versus another that went flat. Do not lose heart! I have received some great news recently that is giving me more hope in this social platform for professionals.

Check out my top 4 tips for growing your LinkedIn Audience.


Did you know that the average post reach on LinkedIn is a mere 3.49%? Have you felt the pain of LinkedIn posts receiving zero love or likes?

Native Documents receive three times the engagement of other LinkedIn posts, according to a recent Socialinsider study. This means that uploading a PDF can take your LinkedIn engagement to the next level.

I encourage you to get creative with this. A PDF could cover some free training, i.e. “10 Tips to Become More Employable,” posted by a Human Resources Company. A PDF could also simply be an informational business flier.

This concept isn’t surprising for the platform whose goal is to connect professionals. What’s more businesslike than swapping PDF content?

Encourage Employee or Client Advocacy

Encourage your employees to tag your company on their LinkedIn resume. Depending on the size of your company, this can spread your reach like wildfire.

If you’re a smaller company, encourage your clients to engage with your content by commenting on or sharing your posts.

Whatever your company looks like, encouraging employees and clients to engage online is key to growing your following. Encouraging LinkedIn post and page shares with a positive review of your business, from a customer or employee perspective, goes a long way.

Sidenote: Have you invited your personal friend list to like your Facebook business page? This concept is important on all platforms.

Do You Really Need a Business Page?

If you are a one-person operation, I encourage you to use your personal page as a business page. Otherwise, you’re managing posts and engagements on both. It’s harder to drive traffic to two locations than to simplify with one.

Use a business page if you’re a company with employees who can tag themselves as working there. Use only a personal page if you’re a small LLC that is struggling to grow page traffic.

For example, if you’re a business coach, you could title your personal page, “Elizabeth Cummins, Leadership Coach,” because marketing your business is really marketing yourself.

Consumers will feel less torn on which page to visit, and you’ll get all eyes in one spot on prime content, while giving you more room to share personal content and show your personality.

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Enter Creator Mode

The newest word on the street is that LinkedIn has added elements to its Creator Mode. Ready to become your own digital marketing guru? Check it out!

LinkedIn Audio Events allow you to host audio discussions within the app. Start streaming your own form of a business podcast. LinkedIn recently shared that more than 10 million users have turned on Creator Mode.

Think of using Creator Mode and Audio Events as a way to promote your brand and host online networking or learning opportunities for a larger audience.

Hello, new digital marketing friends! Let’s have a digital Lunch and Learn to connect with digital marketers across the globe!

I’m about to begin my Creator Mode journey. Stay tuned!

I wish you the best in your online business endeavors.

What do you like and dislike about LinkedIn? What has driven your LinkedIn engagement the most? Are you open to exploring Creator Mode? We’d love to hear on Facebook or the blog!

Until next time.


Elizabeth / Wordy Girl

Elizabeth Cummins
Elizabeth Cumminshttp://wordygirlcreative.com
Libby Cummins is a multimedia guru with a passion for helping you tell your story. With a background in journalism, marketing and IT, this Wordy Girl is equipped to guide you successfully through the digital realm. "The Wordy Girl" is filled with hot tips on growing your business online, and interesting features on friendly faces around town.



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