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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

The Tompkins Touch

Few people bring more cheer to a room than Ty Tompkins. He picks up good vibes and buzzes around sharing them with others. Meanwhile, his wife Kelly, flies at a steady rate, noticing the unnoticeable, and turning diamonds in the rough into bold, sparkly attractions.

What makes the Tompkins crew so magnetic? I suppose it’s that anyone can find the dirt in a person or situation, but it takes a special eye to find the gold. Ty and Kelly do just that.

Whether you know them personally, you’ve probably seen beautiful artwork, an entertaining video, or a giant snow creation covered in their fingerprints – and promoted by the entire city. I’d also go out on a limb and say you’ve heard of their awesome business, Hive Appeal, which offers mural painting and creative placemaking.

“We named our business Hive Appeal because bees represent community,” Kelly said. “They work together to create something sweet. We love working together to make places more appealing.”

Community. People. Two words at the center of the pair’s motives, who stated they paint bold, colorful murals to bring beauty and joy to Enid’s citizens.

“We always say that people want to do business with PEOPLE,” Kelly said. “Showing the human side of the business creates a connection.”

Over the years, this community building has included everything from event planning to facade renovations for downtown buildings. All inspired by a love for Enid, Oklahoma.

“We love Enid’s envious amount of arts opportunities for a community this size,” the beloved Hive Appeal owners said. “And while the city is large enough to provide a customer base, it’s small enough for anyone to make a difference.”

These busy bees aren’t slowing down anytime soon. Their 2021 plans include creating outdoor augmented reality experiences and indoor mural projects that create more enjoyable office spaces.

“Our goal for 2021 is to make whatever difference we can, hopefully in colorful ways, and to cause as many smiles as possible.”

These smile-makers are two of my favorite people. As such, they’ve taught me some valuable lessons over the years that can be applied not only to life, but to marketing as well.

First, don’t be afraid to be weird. It’s what makes you (or your brand) wonderful.

Second, pouring back into your community fills you up just as much as it does your neighbors.

Third, never apologize for being over-the-top excited about an awesome, unique idea. The world needs more of it!

Fourth, surround yourself with plenty of different types of people. Everyone will benefit.

Ty, a self-proclaimed turquoise blue personality, and Kelly, a rusty orange, said these colors reflect their personalities, “because they are opposites, but are better together.” Aww.

Lastly, always call Ty and Kelly if you’re having a bad day.

Until next time.


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