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The Felt Bird Family

If it’s true that creativity is intelligence having fun, then Stela and Riley Jantzen are the smartest pair in Enid. Their service-minded approach to life and one-of-a-kind inventions continue to make our city a better place.

These two fearlessly live outside the box, and I supposed that’s what makes them so successful. “For me, it’s important to be unique because that moment of true creativity is real magic,” Riley said.

When Riley’s love for creating met Stela’s love for helping others, some “real magic” was born. The pair consistently leaves their one-of-a-kind sparkle wherever they go.

Main Street Enid’s annual Downtown Dogfest event was Stela’s brainchild. The most popular and comfortable Enid t-shirts were Riley’s. Just about every stocking in town is full of The Felt Bird’s eccentric goodies at Christmastime. And, as Park Avenue Thrift’s Executive Director, Stela awarded $175,000 to some of our community’s most deserving non-profits in 2020.

Embracing and supporting their community is a top priority. “If you do that, the community will support you right back,” they shared.

“I love how Enid is full of people trying to make things happen,” Stela said. “[I also love] our downtown. It caught my attention in 2009, and it just keeps getting better.”

Having great role models is key to building a successful business. The Felt Bird owners happen to be at the top of my marketing hero list. Business owners of all kinds, take note!

I’ve gleaned some great life tips from these two adventurous, creative entrepreneurs, and as usual, these life tips can be applied to digital marketing as well.

Support Community

Pouring back into your community is key. If you want to see something happen in Enid, you can make it happen. Without the Jantzen clan, our city would be lacking many things we take for granted.

As far as marketing is concerned, look up cause marketing, and get inspired!

Be YouNique

There’s no one quite like Stela and Riley, and that’s why we all love shopping with them! Behaving like everyone else makes you get lost in the crowd… Marketing like everyone else makes you less visible.

Be Consistent

Stela and Riley’s values are clear – always bringing richness to our community’s culture.

Their brand is as consistent as their values. Every item in The Felt Bird and every photo on their social media reflects one cohesive, beautiful brand.

“If you’re consistent, people will know the promotion is your business without even having to read a word,” Stela said.

Say Yes to the Best

The Jantzens have honed in on their favorite things. Riley is focusing on creating amazing, stellar items in the shop (soon to be shipped wholesale across the country.) Stela is focusing on making Park Avenue Thrift the best it can be, which allows her to give back to the community she loves.

The pair have a plethora of talents, including making cute felt birds (now you know!), creating responsive websites, planning incredible events, and more. Yet they’ve honed in on doing what they love the most.

If you chase too many things in digital marketing, as in life, you’ll wind up missing your target goals and audiences.

Lastly, swing by The Felt Bird if you’ve got the perfect quote for a coffee mug.

“About half of our conversations end in, ‘We should put that on a mug,’” Riley said.

Until next time.


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