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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Tween Scene Sports!

Hey Y’all! It’s Sophia and Mallie writing our April column in Enid Monthly. We are both soooo excited for the upcoming spring. It’s gonna be so awesome because the weather is going to be BEAUTIFUL and the flowers are all blooming in the spring. But we can’t forget about the dreadful spring cleaning LOL!

This month we are going to talk about what’s it’s like to be on a sports team. We both have been on many sports teams and thought we should share a little bit about them. Let’s get to business!

Mallie started out playing soccer for the Kickin’ Cuties when she was about 6. She liked it a lot and played forward. It was actually the same team with Sophia which is pretty cool. (Editor’s Note: Editor was Coach of said team for several years!) Then she played basketball for the YMCA when she was 10 and I played right wing. She liked it but not as much as playing soccer. Then her soccer team split apart and they didn’t have that team anymore when she was around 11. Then she joined Arsenal soccer team and played for 2 years, then quit because the team stopped. After that Mallie joined Enid Elite 07 for a season. Last she joined Waller’s basketball team and the season ended and now she’s not currently on a team.

Sophia started out playing soccer for the YMCA when she was 3 till she was 5. Then she played for the Kickin’ Cuties with Mallie till she was 10. During the time she played for Kickin’ Cuties she was also playing softball for Enid Select when she was 8 Than I stopped because she didn’t really like softball. After that she joined Enid Elite 08 and played for 4 seasons than stopped because she wanted to take a break from club soccer. She then played for my 7th grade volleyball team, which was so fun because she made lots of new friends and played her favorite position which is Libero because she got to wear a different colored jersey than anyone else! Volleyball season ended and middle school soccer season started a few months later, which she plays for currently.

Because we have both played do many team sports, we thought we would give some tips to someone that want’s to be part of a team!

  1. Always try your best, no matter how hard it is.  Just keep trying it will get easier.
  2. DONT GIVE UP!!!
  3. Listen to your coaches. No matter how wrong you think they are, just listen to them! Arguing doesn’t get you anywhere!

We hope y’all enjoyed our story this month. Don’t forget to email any questions, comments, or concerns to tweensceneenid@gmail.com! Definitely email us to tell us about sports you have played. Hope you guys have a great April, Spring, and Easter! Stay safe and don’t forget to Be Kind! BYEEEE!!!!

Sophia & Mallie
Sophia & Mallie
Sophia and Mallie have been best friends since Kindergarten. They are both in 7th grade in Enid, Sophia at Emerson M.S. and Mallie at Waller M.S. They both love soccer, hot pockets and tik-tok. Sophia and Mallie would love to hear from their readers! Email them at tweensceneenid@gmail.com.



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