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Location, Location, Location.

Do you know the three rules of real estate?

Growing up in a real estate family, I heard my share of tips and tricks of the trade. From big things to little things, like, “Well, sure, it could be a good idea, but only if you buy it right.”

Why am I talking about buying real estate? Your digital real estate has an astounding impact on the success of your company. This is similar to the role your physical location plays in determining who passes your door each day. 

If you’re a business owner, I’m sure you’ve inhabited online space, but is it the right space? Did you choose it strategically, like you would a physical location? I often hear things like, “I have an account on every platform. Why don’t people see me?” Or, “I post seven times a week. Why isn’t it working?”

No one would assume that buying every building on the block, just to put your “my shop is down the street” sign in the window, is going to bring business—or that buying the biggest building, or leasing the most expensive space, will guarantee success.

Just like in the brick and mortar world, there is always strategy involved with digital real estate. 


This is the place to start. Where do you need to be? In order to choose the right platform(s) for your business, you’ve got to do the upfront work of knowing your target audience. 

I am here to release you from the pressure of posting daily on platforms that don’t generate leads! Who is your target audience(s)? Where do they hang out? Wherever they are is the only place you need to be. 

Unsure about which platform attracts whom? Check out my first article at enidmonthly.com. 

Buy It Right

What are you paying per click? What are you paying per view?

If you don’t know, you should. Have the long view of how much money you’ll pour into online advertising, and be strategic with what you spend up front. Just like a well-calculated house-flip project. 

And not a flipper like the ones on TV with $40,000 kitchen floors. Think of it as a real and profitable one! This can be tricky. Shoot me an email and mention this article for a free consultation on strategically buying your ad space! 

Be Strategic with Signage

This one seems simple, but label your online locations boldly and clearly like you would your building or space.

Protect Your Investment

Just like you would be wise about what plumber, electrician or painter worked on your home or business, be wise about what SEO specialist, graphic designer, or copywriter you bring in.

Treat access to your advertising accounts like a key to your building. Only give it to trustworthy, knowledgeable, *grammatically-correct* people. 

I’ve never seen a successful social media account managed by eight employees. Leave it to your designated marketing expert, so that the voice of your brand stays consistent. From there, just add on one or two administrators to watch the analytics, and you’re set!

It’s easy to get caught in the weeds and overwhelmed with all the tips and tricks from a million experts. If you have one takeaway from this article, make it this:

What are the three rules of digital marketing? Location, location, location.

Until next time.


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Elizabeth Cummins
Elizabeth Cumminshttp://wordygirlcreative.com
Libby Cummins is a multimedia guru with a passion for helping you tell your story. With a background in journalism, marketing and IT, this Wordy Girl is equipped to guide you successfully through the digital realm. "The Wordy Girl" is filled with hot tips on growing your business online, and interesting features on friendly faces around town.



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