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Super Service

Most of my days begin and end with time on my front porch. That’s where I pray, drink coffee, and brainstorm solutions for various projects. That’s also where I get to chat with Travis.

I want to serve my clients well, not just by providing digital marketing solutions, but also by knowing them as friends. Work is more fun and rewarding that way. When I think of the kind of customer service I want to offer, my smiling front porch friend, Travis Brown, is one of the first people who comes to mind.

Travis has been my mailman for three years, and he was my parent’s before that. The first time I met him, I was house-sitting for them.

“Are your folks out of town again?” he asked. “You just watching the house?”

I was a little concerned and thought, “How the heck does this guy know all this?!”

I soon learned what an asset Travis is for our community, and how great it is that he goes the extra mile when looking out for his customers.

Speaking of going the extra mile, Travis walks a whopping 13 miles per day on average. Many of those miles are spent smiling and chatting with people he sees. “The best thing about my job is getting to be outside all day, and getting to be social with people on my route.”

Travis worked hard to get my maiden-name mail to the right location after I became a Mrs. He was one of the first to congratulate me when I started my business. He doesn’t just serve his customers by ensuring their packages and envelopes arrive safely, he also befriends every customer he meets.

Here are some life lessons I’ve learned from Travis:

When bogged down with stress and a busy schedule, I have to remember my opportunity to be a bright spot in my customer’s/friend’s days.

“I care about the people on my route,” Travis said. “I make an effort to talk to them and get to know them. I hope I bring a smile and friendly face to the customers on my route. I also hope that people can see that I love my job.”

Who needs ADT when you have a Travis?! It’s easy to get busy and miss important details. He sets a great example in putting others’ needs before his own.

“Looking out for houses was a priority for me, definitely from the start,” he said. “I carried mail in Alva to begin with. I felt it a priority to make sure everyone was safe. I would want someone to do the same for my family.”

With 24 years of service under his belt, it’s no wonder Travis has names and addresses memorized, and mail delivery down to an art. He has set a great example of lifelong, faithful service in a job he loves.

“I look at it like—you have to love what you do. You need to love waking up every morning knowing that you are going to a job you enjoy. If you do those things, you will be good at your job.”

There will be rough days in any job… But you’ve got to choose to find joy in your work.

“There are many times that I will roll my ankle and fall to the ground, then get up quickly to make sure no one saw me,” Travis shared. “Of course, slipping on ice, getting bitten by dogs, and being attacked by birds can also be laughable moments.”

Cheers to you, Travis! 

Until next time. 

-Wordy Girl

Elizabeth Cumminshttp://wordygirlcreative.com
Libby Cummins is a multimedia guru with a passion for helping you tell your story. With a background in journalism, marketing and IT, this Wordy Girl is equipped to guide you successfully through the digital realm. "The Wordy Girl" is filled with hot tips on growing your business online, and interesting features on friendly faces around town.



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