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Fitness Journey

Why do you want to start your fitness journey? There are many reasons. You may want to be healthier, you may want to lose some weight, or you may want to step into some body building. Whatever the reason is a workout program can be designed for you and your goals. Here are two amazing ladies with different goals that are both killing it

Kara Bergdall

“I’ve always been into fitness, just not quite on the competition level. A friend of mine brought up the idea one weekend so we met with Kat that following Monday and started the meal plan and training. Working out is definitely the easier part. The meal plan can get old after months of eating the same kinds of things but it’s fun to see what your body is capable of when you push it that hard. I feel like if you’re into fitness at all, you should definitely give competing a try just one time! We had the best time training and the support during the entire process was pretty awesome!” – Kara Bergdall

Samantha Noteware

“After losing over 100lbs having the gastric sleeve surgery in 2018, I wanted to make sure that I continued on a healthy path by not only eating better but working out as well. I started weight training 3x a week in 2020 and have witnessed some awesome changes not only in my muscle toning but in my endurance while running! My trainer continues to push me every week focusing on different muscle groups and guides me with healthy meal plans. I’m so thankful I made the decision to start training and pursue a healthy lifestyle!” -Samantha Noteware

Quick Recipe: “Taco Bowl”

-1lbs lean ground meat
-1 cup rice (uncooked)
-1 pouch taco seasoning
-Shredded lettuce
-Shredded cheese
-Sour Cream

Prepare rice per package instructions, brown meat to desired doneness, mix ingredients together. Enjoy!

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Kat Kannberg
Kat Kannberg is a personal trainer and nutrition expert that offices out of Finer Physiques Fitness. Kat is a two-time Fitness champion and nationally qualified athlete in both Figure and Physique. She loves to help people of all ages reach their fitness goals, whether it be to lose a few pounds or prepare for competition.



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